"What Do Health Experts Say About Body-Tox?"

Caroline Hammon | Colon Hydrotherapy & Lymphatic Decongestive Therapist

The Body Tox works on deep mucoid mucous layers in the intestinal tract...both large and small intestine. It also helps loosen impactions in the rugae folds of the stomach. These deposits are very difficult to remove since they are gluey and embedded. The Body Tox brings off the layers down to the actual tissue faster and better than any "cleanse" I've seen.


Lancy Cho | Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R. TCM. P)

Body Tox, every single one of my patients who have tried it has not had one bad thing to say about the product. Patients thank me on a regular basis for introducing such a great product to them, even those who have had problems going to the washroom for 10+ years.  My patients and I are dedicated fans of Body Tox.


Nish Thaver | Reiki Energy Practitioner, Laughter Yoga Leader & Kids Yoga Instructor 

Over the years, I have attempted a variety of body and colon cleanses. Body Tox by far, has been the simplest (and inexpensive!) cleanse to implement (and definitely more tasty than any other product I have tried to date!), and the results have been quite profound. Being quite sensitive to my energy levels, I noticed a marked increase in my energy after implementing the Body Tox program. I began noticing changes in my energy and my overall feeling of "healthiness" even after just a couple of days in the program. Body Tox not only works great as a 15 day cleanse program but I've also used it as a part of my regular wellness plan.